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The meeting was held at St Anne’s Church, Luton. Revd Anne Crosby led a short act of worship for the Feast Day of St Francis.

Elections of Synod Officers:
Lay Chair – Peter Adams
Lay Vice-Chair – No election made – election at next Synod
Secretary – Valerie Dallinger
Treasurer – David Dallinger
Thanks to Kevin Devey for the last six years as Lay Chair.

Deanery Goals:
This item was based on the Deanery Review of December 2015, and how we can move forward. Group discussions took place on Empowering Laity, and Emphasising Mission, with the following questions:

What are we doing at the moment?
What one thing would you do?
How would you know we have done it?

Elections to Standing Committee:
In addition to the Area Dean and Assistant, Lay Chair and Vice-Chair (vacant), Secretary and Treasurer.
Clergy – Revd Grace Sentamu Baverstock (St Luke’s). One more to be appointed at next meeting.
Lay -  James Hooper (St Mary’s, Sundon) and Zoe Moran (St Mary’s, Luton).

Elections to Deanery Mission and Pastoral Committee (DMPC):
In addition to the Area Dean and Assistant, Lay Chair and Vice-Chair (vacant), Secretary, and some Chaplains.
Clergy – Revd Anne Crosby (St Anne with St Christopher), Revd Mike Jones (St Mary’s, Luton), Revd David Kesterton (All Saints with St Peter) and Revd Jairo Nyaongo (St Augustine’s). One more (Curate) to be appointed at next meeting.
Lay -  Steve Dolby (St Thomas), James Hooper (St Mary’s, Sundon), Lynda Logan (St Margaret’s, Streatley), Joan MacKinnon (St Hugh’s) and Anne McEvoy (Holy Cross, Marsh Farm).

Clergy Appointment to Diocesan Synod:
Revd Rob O’Neill was appointed, bringing the Clergy appointments to 7. There are still two Lay vacancies – contact Peter Adams if interested.

Affirmation of Deanery Appointed Governor to Wenlock C.of E. Junior School:
Ian Benjamin, an elder at Central Baptist Church, was appointed.

Treasurer’s Report:
Caribbean Hurricane Appeal - £212.55 will be donated to the Bishop’s Hurricane Appeal.
Signatories on the bank account were changed.
Parish Support Grants – Applications need to be sent to David Dallinger by16 October 2017.
Parish Share Factor – The Diocese is looking at this again this year. Any requests for changes to be sent to David.
Budget Presentations – All Treasurers and other reps should attend one:
Thursday 5 October at All Saints, Hertford
Thursday 12 October at St Stephen’s, St Albans
Monday 16 October at St Mary’s, Goldington

General Synod and Diocesan Synod notes had been previously distributed.
The Diocese are planning to amalgamate the Board for Church and Society, and the Council for Discipleship and Ministry, to create a new Board for Mission and Ministry. Concern had been expressed that responsibility for social action might be lost by this.

NOTE: These bullet points are intended as a memory jogger and means of sharing highlights of the last meeting. Proper minutes of the meeting are distributed and agreed later.
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